NH MA Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing Services

Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing Services
Serving NH and Northern MA

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We Clean with Low Pressure,
Hot Water & Eco-Friendly Steam

Green Guys Powerwashing - Serving NH MA Low Pressure Washing

Green Guys Power Washing is a family owned, multi-service power washing and low pressure washing operation located in Pelham, NH.


We've been in operation since the spring of 2008 and our service area covers most of New Hampshire and the Boston metro area up through the Merrimack Valley. We offer customers and "Eco-Friendly" alternative from traditional high pressure washing with the use of harsh chemicals. We utilize "Soft Wash" technology (low pressure cleaning process) while revitalizing hard surfaces.


Soft Wash Technology

Soft Washing is the new buzz word in our industry which refers to the use of low pressure or psi throughout the cleaning process with a higher volume of water of gpm (gallons per minute) while rinsing. This technique prevents unnecessary damage to the surfaces being cleaned while reducing unwanted residue and streaking on your siding and windows. We continue to monitor our competitors to maintain a competitive edge.



"Eco-Friendly" Power Cleaning Services
Serving New Hampshire and Boston North

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